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You might get the idea from that picture what my conclusions are. Correct. But as Santorum himself argues that you should be forthright in your views, then I will follow at least one of his policies.

Below I will list Santorum's policies, all taken from his website, some from pieces he claims to have written himself. In the spirit of the blog, I will work on the basis that all of this is true, extrapolating what would actually happen if Santorum was elected POTUS and had the overwhelming backing of a Tea Party funded senate and congress. To do this, I will base it on recent history in particular those states who have had close constitutional linkages to the catholic church. Particularly interesting might be the example of another state greatly praised by the founder of Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva - Spain under the rule of Franco

1. Trade
A form of total protectionism which would involve the withdrawal from international trade agreements and the active pursuit of trade wars. Part of this would be
2. the Environment
where global warming is an anti-American, ant-free trade lie. US industry would no longer be bound by these international treaties, such as they are now, and would withdraw from all these protocols. The exploitation of the Alaskan wilderness and currently protected fisheries would be voraciously encouraged. Those states where environmental laws have been enacted (like Arnie's California!) would be forced to repeal state law in order to facilitate this.
3. Foreign policy
Simply, in the man's own words, war on all fronts. US defence spending would be massively increased, Star Wars would be re-started turning back thirty years of disarmament (even Bush jnr. didn't go this far). US would withdraw from international treaties, possibly including the Geneva conventions so that it's armed forces could intervene, anywhere, without fear of censure (they do that already!). Iran has already been explicitly threatened, and Santorum has re-christened the war on terror 'War on Radical Islam'. Santorum is against the two state solution in Palestine. He said that Palestine doesn't exist.
4. Domestic policy
Santorum wouldn't just cut but stop all social care programmes, as your tax dollars shouldn't pay for somebody else. This extends too into education, where the state would withdraw almost entirely encouraging private schools and putting the responsibility solely on the parents. Obamacare would be repealed putting millions of citizens once again out of the reach of medical care. Illegal immigrants would be repatriated.
5. Abortion
would be re-criminalised. As would some methods of contraception. The goal would be the criminalisation of all methods of artificial contraception, but I don't think they would get away with that.
6. Gay marriage
well, that's a no. Santorum can't even bring himself to write the words 'gay' or 'homosexual' but talks about 'men who chose not to be with a woman and have children'. He might be talking about priests. As for lesbians?

So let's apply the Axe.
1. Trade war. Catastrophic effect on the global economy, perhaps only to the benefit of China. Possible collapse of the EC, as individual countries try to renegotiate individual trade deals.
2. Global environmental catastrophe, widespread destruction of US and international fisheries. Destruction of internationally recognised wildlife preserves. Pollution of the water table, dead rivers. The US is already the biggest polluter per capita in the world. The withdrawal of the US from these international treaties would mean other emerging economies would also withdraw in order to keep up.
3. War on Iran would probably lead a massive increase in global terrorism. Obama is desperate to rein in Israel, Santorum would actively encourage expansion, not only into the West Bank but Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Egypt would be powerless to stop them in its current weakened state, and the Saudis would not intervene. Guantanamo would be re-opened and expanded. No longer fearing any censure no matter how toothless from international law, the US could pursue assassinations, renditions, and torture. The cold war and arms race would re-start, as the US would be in breach of arms restriction treaties dating back to the Gipper (Santorum's hero).
4. Massive increase in poverty, deprivation and disease, particularly among African-Americans. Which would lead to increases in criminality, drug abuse etc. Schools would be religious, teaching of science would be practically eradicated. Already up to 50% of bible belt schools teach creationism as scientific truth. Illegal aliens, many of whom have children who are legitimate US citizens, forcibly repatriated, so we would see forced adoptions, probably along racial/religious lines as the catholic church has done in the past with aboriginal children. The economy of the southern and mid-western states would also collapse as the workforce is decimated.
5. All the horrors that legal abortion prevented would return with a vengeance, back street abortions, women being criminalised, pregnancy checks at international borders, all aimed solely at the poorest in society. Children and rape victims forced to full term, forced adoptions, women virtually condemned to death if a pre-existing condition meant that pregnancy would kill them. Again an increase in poverty and all that comes with it. No doubt he would also do away with clinics such as those provided by Planned Parenthood, leading to an STD/HIV pandemic, increases of death from cervical and breast cancer.
6. It's pretty obvious that his aim will be to re-criminalise homosexuality. Initially he would force repeals on gay wedding laws, he would bring back 'don't ask don't tell' in the armed forces, perhaps with the intention to pursue prosecution of personnel if discovered to be gay.

Unfortunately Santorum's insanity would have a global effect. We have seen what horrors US imperialism has caused, when it has been controlled by international law. Imagine a US with nothing to stop it, with god on its side.
Armageddon, anybody?

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