Tuesday, 27 March 2012

parliamentary power of prayer?


Check out the link above. We are facing the privatisation of the NHS, massive Tory sleaze, the most unfair budget in modern times and the looming possibility of Israel starting a war with Iran. And these idiots want to waste parliamentary time on fairy stories.

So the entire country was praying for Muamba. I wasn't. I had no idea who he was until the news story broke. He was dead for more than an hour and seems to be making a full recovery without brain damage. So that was down to prayer? Not the fact that a cardiologist ran onto the pitch, the level of care received, modern brain cooling techniques and artificial comas? So the skill and dedication of the professionals who cared for him, as well as the superlative level of fitness of the young man had nothing to do with it? Now if there was 2 minutes of time in parliament to thank those people, to comment on the outstanding scientific research done in this field and the efficacy of our wonderful NHS, now that would be two minutes well spent.

These sadly deluded parliamentarians want the ASA to prove that prayer doesn't work. Sorry, but the burden of proof is the other way around.

Anyway, let's assume that prayer does what it says on the tin. And throw the Axe of Reason.

1. Muamba rises from the dead, after supernatural intervention. Yes, all the doctors and technology were there but their actions were guided by unseen forces. Which god? The whole country was praying for him, so we have the catholic god, several shades of protestant god, Brahma, Krishna, Allah, and let's not forget the TM crowd throwing some karmic flying rainbows, the Mormon god beaming healing from the planet Kolob, and David Icke. So which was it, or was it all of them? Did they dib for who did the deed?

2. The honourable member who wrote the letter had his hand healed of pain by the Christian god. How does he know who healed him? Not to go through the pantheon above, suppose it was the devil. How does he know it wasn't? The pain could have been a manifestation of god's grace to test his faith in the fire which the devil then removed.

3. Rather than threatening the ASA, why not pray and get god to change their wicked hearts?

4. Clearly the privatisation of the NHS is not the issue, as we should simply convert all the hospitals into churches. Think of the savings! Surely we don't need them, if we just need to pray. Ah, but god needs an agent to work through. But that surely doesn't need to be a qualified doctor. Could be a witch doctor. Ah, but that wouldn't work as that isn't the right god.

There are cases across the world and even in the UK where people will deny themselves, or more horrifically, their children, medical care on the basis that god will heal them. These nutters should be, and in some cases are, housed at her majesty's pleasure.

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