Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Blog

I started a new blog. I did use to have a blog, back before they were invented, actually as a part of my degree and dissertation (it was about identity and cyberculture, and the Super Panopticon) but didn't keep it up. But recently I've been increasingly annoyed by anti-science, anti-reason and just nuttiness around and the way people keep falling for this nonsense, and rather than writing huge comments on FB, this would be a better forum methinks. So here I will post in support of the truth, and apply the Axe of Reason to the nuttiness around us. No doubt as I get back into it I'll link to like minded blogs and resources. Time for the Axe!


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  2. I'm afraid I don't have anything terribly insightful to add, but just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading your thoughts, it's refreshing to come across another person who has confidence in reason and logic in the face of the barrage of fear and nonsense currently swamping the world. Please keep it up!