Sunday, 25 March 2012

40 Days for Life Sidewalk counsellor handbook

There may be some doubt as to whether the man who was allegedly filming patients outside a clinic this week actually belonged to the pro-lifer 40 Days for Life organisation. There are certainly well documented incidents of this happening in the US, but these are tactics not endorsed by the organisation.

The following quotes, however, are taken from their endorsed handbook.

"The clinics present us with a tremendous opportunity to reach out to those people who will not come to our churches, and who seldom see God's love. It was the sinners, those who had little to do with the religious leaders of the time, whom Jesus sought to reach. At the killing centers, one may find the radical left, those involved in the occult, the walking wounded from churches (in some cases), the homeless, the clinic workers, the abortionists, the mothers, the fathers, the AIDS victims, and those who simply need the Lord."

"Just as Jesus reached out to the thief on the cross, we should feel compelled to reach out to the abortion-bound mom, and the people who are leading her to destruction, those who press towards their own destruction...This includes ministering to those who make us uncomfortable, the socially undesirable, the religious outcasts-those who have not heard the truth."

"She is not the woman in the silk dress and the expensive shoes wearing the Planned Parenthood name badge. It is fairly easy to recognize a woman who is entering a clinic for an abortion. She will generally have someone with her, as she needs a ride home after the abortion. She will be told by the abortion center staff to "wear a comfortable, loose fitting, two-piece outfit, like a sweat suit." With younger teenage women, there will often be several young women walking together. Since teenage girls tend to release tension through giggling, expect them to appear lighthearted. This is a common reaction among very young women, so please do not be judgmental."

"Many clinic workers have had a previous abortion experience. A high percentage of the women who work at abortion facilities have child sexual abuse, incest or forcible rape in their backgrounds. Some of these women have grown up in alcoholic, emotionally abusive, or physically abusive homes."

"The best opening line is the one you come up with yourself. However, there are some opening lines that are not appropriate. "Please don't kill your baby," "I'll take your baby for you," and "You will still be a mother-the mother of a dead child," are not very productive if you want someone to stop and talk with you. The object of sidewalk counseling is to get the woman to stop and talk with you. We have seen some wonderful sidewalk counselors use very simple opening lines, so we have included some of our favorites.
I'm not here to tell you not to have an abortion. However, I do have some information about this clinic that may be of interest to you.
Excuse me, ma'am, can I get just a few seconds of your time . . . ah, c'mon, please . . .
Will you talk to me for just a second? My boss is over there watching me, and the information I have for you really won't hurt you.
Look, I know it's hot (or cold, or raining, or . . .), and you've already made up your mind, but I have some information on the medical malpractice suits against this clinic that I'd like to share with you.
Hi, I'm giving this information to everyone who is going into this facility today-would you like some additional information?
Can I get you to stop for just a second so I can give you some information that you won't receive inside this facility?"

I could have highlighted the more offensive parts, but thought I'd let it stand as it is. The rest of the document explains gestation (like when the "baby's face develops") and all the medical and psychological damage the "mom" will undoubtedly suffer. It also absolves the counsellor from any responsibility in respect of the "mom", saying that she should be referred to a "crisis
pregnancy centre" whatever that is.

And a main thrust is not simply saving the "baby" but a perfect opportunity for proselytising - "crisis evangelism".

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