Thursday, 29 March 2012

A pro-life tale, the use of the myth

This video comes from some kind of right wing lifer seminar, you get the idea from the language the presenter uses. He tells a horrific tale, based on 'published documents' which demonstrates the horrors of the abortionist murderers, of public schooling ("that's why we home-school") and the pro-murder anti-life bias of the government and judiciary in the US.
Little surprise that aside from this video, there is no trace anywhere on the net of this case, of the 'published documents', of any press coverage of any kind whatsoever, of any public documentation of any kind. No police reports, no court reports, no witnesses, no blogs. Nothing. But how could such a trail of criminality and corruption go without any notice? How is this presenter the only one to stand up in defence of the poor victim girl?

Let's apply The Axe of Reason, and assume that the story is true. And in applying the axe, we will take an alternate reading of the story, as myth.

1. A fourteen year old girl, daughter to a strict evangelical family, confesses that she is pregnant by her boyfriend. Her parents are immediately accepting and supportive, seeking antenatal care and even naming the foetus.

How likely is this to be true? A strict evangelical family? Their entire community would see their underage daughter pregnant? Maybe not so strict - considering other evangelical Christians have beaten their daughters to death for less. These are the good parents, all loving and forgiving, willing to bear the censure of their community in order to care for their child.

2. The boy does not want to be involved. His parents say that the girl should have an abortion and the choice should not be the girl's (good point here, the presenter comes out to defend the right of choice of the girl and seems to realise as he is saying it, WHAT he is saying!). The boy's mother herself has had five abortions.

So the boy has committed statutory rape as the girl is under age, the boy's age is not mentioned, nor is the possibility of prosecution. There seems to be an assumption on both sides that the boy will marry and take care of the child, but the girl is under age! Why would the boy and his parents even feature here? He could simply deny it was his, he would have no obligation whatsoever in respect of the child, particularly if he was underage, aside from a possible rape charge. Note that his mother has had five abortions. Five. What we have here are the villains of the piece, and in the mother, the classical character of the harridan, the evil stepmother, the child-killer.

3. The boy's mother pretends to be the girl's grandmother, kidnaps her from school, takes her across state lines, and forces her to have an abortion. The mother finds out, pursuing them to the clinic, cleverly getting into the clinic but failing to find her thanks to the machinations of the clinic workers. The boy's mom gets out the back door and goes on holiday to Florida, while the girl is cast out alone, suffering from post operative complications. The mother calls the police, who say 'call your senator'.

Now unfortunately that is where the video ends and I can't find the rest of it. But what we have have is a series of criminal acts, which we assume went unreported, unprosecuted or covered up.
Statutory rape
Battery against a minor (being the medical procedure carried out without the permission of the parent)
Illegal abortion

A number of these are federal crimes, so even if the local sheriff's department was uncooperative, they fall into the jurisdiction of the state police and FBI. So nothing was done? The mother did not even pursue a civil case? In the US, the home of the litigious? Where unlimited funds for such a case would be at her disposal after a short call to any of the bible belt lifer pressure groups?

Perhaps here we should explain something about the presenter, Kevin McCullough. He is a notorious extreme right wing talk radio DJ in the US, with a small and not widely syndicated show. There are quite a few videos on YouTube, which you can check out.

There's his rant against the kids show Glee, for it's depiction of teens having sex at high school, and shock horror! GAYS! as Science has proved that teenagers who have sex are ten times more likely to kill themselves.

There's the video where he says no-one is gay. Homosexual behaviour is a choice and it can kill you. 'Gays' hate marriage and want to destroy it.

Numerous videos where he addresses Tea Party meetings, all quite tedious, as can be gleaned from the number of views.

Obama is of course a socialist who has betrayed the US by cutting defence spending and not invading various countries where 'Jonny Jihad' lives. At the same time, Obama has betrayed the people by not cutting taxes and infringing constitutional rights through trying to create universal health care...same old.

You get the picture.

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