Thursday, 29 March 2012

From my cold, dead hand...

I nearly choked to death when I discovered St. Rick of Santorum was endorsed by the National Rifle Association! The hero of pro life even voted AGAINST legislation that made the ownership of FULLY AUTOMATIC ASSAULT RIFLES illegal! You don't hunt deer with an AK47!

As far as pro-life goes, like loads of these wingnuts, you should be protected if you look like this:

but not if you look like this:

Santorum is on camera saying that scientists in places like Iran should be targets for assassination. So I suppose it would be perfectly fine to drop a Hellfire missile on the house here. But if you take the morning after pill you are a murderer. Makes perfect sense.

I'd love to know how you can justify owning an automatic assault rifle, something that has no other purpose than to kill people.

So he argues for the right to life of a blastocyst, something that has less than a 50% chance of naturally surviving up to the third month of gestation, that may not even develop viably - but wouldn't hesitate for a second in killing the little Iranian girl in the photo above.

Similar argument, with literally millions of dollars being spent by lifers in lobbying, in spurious law suits, media campaigns, lecture tours etc. to protect

when those millions of dollars could prevent this:

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