Tuesday, 27 March 2012

International Dark conspiracy and Mormons!

There was a good programme tonight on BBC2 about the Mormons and Romney, talking about some of the weirdness, the polygamy, the magic underwear, etc. What they missed is the fact that Mormons get their own planets to rule as gods when they die. Yes, you did read that right. Your own planet. And though they don't talk about it much, 'our' god was, you guessed it, one of these. From the planet Kolob. I am not making this up. Makes Santorum look rational.

Talking of Santorum, this is a rather nice cartoon.

And earlier on I was reading about evidence of a global conspiracy, using eugenics, to overthrow the US government. Cameron's dinners were a part of this. It's lizards from space. David Icke has the proof. I think we should be told.

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