Monday 7 May 2012

Hollande for France!

I re-tweeted a Spanish news article which summarised the Ten Key Promises of Hollande, but I can't find anything like this in English, so I part translated it below, and added some more from other sources. This basically sums up why the Tories (and Milibland) have got it totally wrong. Let's see of France will embrace the radical changes and whether Hollande will keep his promises.

1) The belief that France can change Europe.
He proposes a new Franco-German pact, and renegotiating the EU fiscal pact.

2) Reinforcing justice
He intends to create 1000 new jobs every year in justice, the police and gendarmerie, in order to create a new 'neighbourhood security' in the inner city barrios and rural areas. He has said that Justice and youth issues are his primary objectives.

3) More than 200,000 jobs
150.000 jobs will go to the youth, on a new form of apprenticeship scheme called the 'generational contract'. Not an apprenticeship in the traditional sense aimed only at engineering and blue collar trades, this will take on the idea of senior employees having a junior and acting as mentor. He will also create 60,000 new jobs in education.

4) Tight banking control
He promises to create a public bank with public responsibility with the intention to make funds available to help small businesses. Private banks will have limits imposed on their speculative transactions and all financial transactions will be subject to a new tax.

5) Taxes for the rich
He will introduce a 45% rate on those who earn more than 150,000€ and 75% on those who earn over 1,000,000€.

6) Gay marriage and adoption rights

7) Reducción de la energía
He has promised to reduce nuclear power from 75% to 50% by 2025.

8) A new Internet piracy law

9) Giving non-citizens the right to vote.
He is reported to have said that it is no longer possible to divide people along the lines of who is a citizen or not, 'those days are over'. He promised the right to vote for all legal aliens in local elections.

10) Withdraw French troops from Afghanistan
He has promised to bring back the troops by the end of the year, two years earlier than planned

He has also said that he will give full recognition to the Palestinian State.

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  1. Well, we all now know how this worked out for him don't we? Leftist fantasy. Ca va, Marine?