Saturday, 14 April 2012

Mormons Christian? erm...nope!

The picture above depicts the Mormon Jesus with two of his wives, Martha and Mary. Not only did this one marry, he had a whole load of kids, and the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith was a direct descendant.

This Jesus was the human son of the space alien god man Elohim, the brother of Lucifer. This one, shortly after the resurrection, beamed down in America to preach the gospel all over again to the lost tribe of Israel, the original white-skinned natives. These were massacred by the evil dark skinned tribes, which lead to the book of Mormon being buried to preserve it. Convicted con-man Joseph Smith had a vision which directed him to the plates, which he translated by putting a magic stone in a hat. And the rest is history...

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  1. In the United States, might they see the mass conversion of Glenn Beck’s followers to his Mormonism, the only religion in which American exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny make any theological sense as anything other than an add-on and an aberration?

    Beckian neo-Mormonism would be something quite different from that taught by the grand old men of Salt Lake City. That ought to be impossible, since being a Mormon means submitting to the authority of the Prophet and First President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But they already tolerate Beck himself, as the Catholic Church tolerates certain high-profile neoconservatives, including converts.

    Bringing us to that which is really sought by those who seek the fullness of Christianity, which includes priesthood, a high theology of baptism, a living Teaching Office focused in a person on this earth, an intercessory relationship between those on this side of bodily death and those on the other side of it, and so much else besides.